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Your first dance together as husband and wife.

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

It's called the First Dance because it will be the first time you and your partner dance together after "I do!" Typically, the first dance occurs directly after introductions into the reception or just after dinner concludes. Your bridal party may surround the dance floor - and there you are - two hearts beating as one, holding each other tight, and you want the moment to be magical. You only get a "First Dance" one time. So, how do you pick that perfect song for your perfect day? There are several ways to approach it. First, it may be easy - that song that came on the radio during your first date, first kiss. A song the two of you sing together all the time. Or that song you've heard all your life that made you dream of the love of your life - it just touched you in a special way. Suggest it to your partner. Still can't decide? Pick a genre or artist you both like, or even the artist who performed at your first concert together, say Brad Paisley. Take a look at his romantic ballads and pick one - "She's Everything" would make a good choice. Thirdly, just Google "Best First Dance Songs" and listen to them together and find one that speaks to the heart. Oh, for your "Last Dance" during the reception. A good choice: the runner-up song that didn't make your "First Dance," or just a fun party song with just the right lyrics, "Don't Stop Believing," for example. Good luck, and remember, at B-Sharp we can help you with suggestions too - if you just can't pick it. Of all the First Dance songs I've played - and yes - I am lucky enough to share this special moment with brides & grooms - perhaps the one that pulls at the heartstrings the most, beautiful lyrics and haunting melody ... "Take My Hand" by Emily Hackett ft. Will Anderson. So, how did you pick yours? What is your First Dance Song and why?

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