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Interaction, line dances & games, oh my!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Customizing your reception with interactivity can take your special day to a new and truly memorable level.

Your guests are ready to party -- your best friends, family -- all together to celebrate the most important day of your life. Dancing, the cake cutting, bouquet toss, and special speeches ready to roll. Now, how about adding special and unique elements to make your wedding one for the ages.

Enter the interactive DJ. Not just a Spotify playlist, but a personality-driven host that will engage your guests, teach them how to dance, get them to laugh, participate, entertain, all the while tossing their inhibitions out the door so they are ready to have the best night of their lives making it the best night of yours!

Line Dancing

Line Dancing is a perfect way to get your guests on the dance floor -- even those guests that swear "I'm not dancing!" Plus, it's a great camaraderie builder. Group fun. Now, you and the bridesmaids, groomsmen may know the dances, but your guests may not -- and you want them to join in on the fun. The B-Sharp way of teaching a line dance with the music pounding keeps the evening moving forward. Easy 4-part, 8-count step-by-step instruction (in 60 seconds or less with the music) so your friends learn quickly: Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, Biker's Shuffle, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Copperhead Road, Fancy Like & many more -- whatever you want played! Your guests, especially those a little bit older, will appreciate doing the dances the kids do! And remember, sometimes a guest will be coupled with someone who refuses to dance --- you don't need a partner to line dance!

Interactive Games

If you want to really get the crowd engaged, have a few interactive games. At the end of dinner is a good time to have some fun,and make a star of some of your guests. Let's face it, most people are shy and a bit inhibited. Getting them loosened up to dance is a great idea -- games such as the Bridal Portrait, Hot Dinner Napkin, Don't Say Um, Guest-Finding Scavenger Hunt, and many more, will lighten the mood and get the party juices flowing! B-Sharp has designed games specifically to motivate your crowd! Of course, a perfect game after the cake cutting is the Newlywed Game (aka Shoe Game). Your guests get to relax, enjoy some delicious cake, and have a few laughs. Kurt will provide you with a list and descriptions of the games - and the best time to do them (so they don't interrupt dancing).

"Best choice I’ve ever made! Kurt Etheridge did an amazing job finding all the songs I wanted and also made the party so much fun with fun games and great interaction. I’d absolutely recommend - Paula

You don't need line dancing or interactivity to make your wedding reception a success, but both can add nice flavor to your event -- and make it personal and not cookie-cutter! When you talk to Kurt, ask about line dancing and interactivity, and find out if one or both are right for you and your crowd!

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